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Le Macchiole was founded in 1983 by the desire of Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli to transform their passion for wine into their dream of life, with a revolutionary project for Bolgheri, not so famous as today. The idea is simple but decisive: starting from the vineyard, investing everything on research and experimentation, also planting varieties that were not used at all in Bolgheri. In 1987 the first production was bottled with a line no longer existing and, only in 1989, the Paleo Rosso was born, our first interpretation of the Bolgherese style. The 90s will then be decisive for the definition of the company itself: a greater awareness of the territory available, the choice of introducing high density systems and the innovative and risky decision to produce mono-varietal wines. This is how Messorio (100% Merlot) and Scrio (100% Syrah) are born in 1994 and in 2001 Paleo Rosso is transformed into 100% Cabernet Franc. Eugenio thus conquers, with commitment and determination, the esteem of the great names of the territory but, in 2002, when he finally begins to reap the fruits of his work, he disappears tragically. So Cinzia takes over the reins of the company and with the help of a team of young talents in all the company roles, he imprints his personality in a few years. Professionalism, talent, passion, attention to detail from the vine to the wine, this is what Cinzia has always tried to try to produce unique and unrepeatable wines. There are 24 hectares of vineyards, grown organically and with the harvested grape produces 5 wines: Paleo Bianco - Toscana igt, Bolgheri Rosso - Bolgheri doc, Paleo Rosso - Toscana igt, Scrio - Toscana igt and Messorio - Toscana igt. | Wine shop online Le Macchiole

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