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1894 is a fundamental year for Barbaresco. Before that date Nebbiolo cultivated here was sold to produce Barolo wine or vinified as a simple table wine. In 1894 Domizio Cavazza, then headmaster of the Royal Enological School of Alba and residing in Barbaresco, where he was the owner of the Castle and of the annexed farm, created the "Cantine Sociali di Barbaresco" for the "production of luxury and table wines" Gathering around him among farmers and owners, he began to vinify in the cellars of the Castle and to name the wine with the name of the village itself. That Nebbiolo grown in Barbaresco had distinct characteristics of its own was known, but Cavazza first recognized this peculiarity on the label. 1894 is therefore the unofficial birth year of Barbaresco wine. Cavazza died in 1913 and the social winery was closed in the 20s. In 1958, referring to that tradition, Don Fiorino Marengo, then parish priest of Barbaresco, gathered nineteen farmers and founded the Barbaresco Producers "for the qualification and guarantee of Barbaresco". Objectives fully centered and still pursued: thanks to the dedication and work of the winemakers who created it, the Barbaresco Producers has long been considered among the most prestigious wineries in the area and is an example for cooperatives all over the world. Today it has 50 members with about 110 hectares of land | Wine shop online Produttori del Barbaresco

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